This was done on YUPO paper.  If I don't like something, I can just wipe it out.  ©Suzanne LeBeau
This shows some of the techniques of painting on the new YUPO paper.
I darkened up the background on these from the Tommy Ellis class.
 Dante's Tree   ©Suzanne LeBeau

Hydrangeas   ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Jim's Morning   ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Warm Autumn   ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Blue and Sienna Barn Scene   ©Suzanne LeBeau
 Clark's Fork (from Tom Jones workshop) 
 Hay Barn  ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Coral Reef   ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Underwater   ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Until Tomorrow   (from Tommy Ellis class)

 Under the Bridge   (from Tommy Ellis class)