Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perserverance - Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

I wasn't sure how to put these thoughts in with the commercial below.  I was watching this on another blog earlier and it reminded me of that kind of plucky spirit of just-keep-at-it-ism.  Yeah, I just made up a new word; I'm feeling pretty good.  lol  The little boy does his thing over and over, but just doesn't give up hope.  No matter how many things don't work out for him and his "force," he keeps trying.
   Sometimes, in my daily life I need a little reminder that things DON'T always work out.  I know, I know - I'm supposed to be practicing my patience, but I think that'll be a lifelong struggle.  I want things to work my way right NOW.  I really DO realize that I'm supposed to step back, reassess the situation and maybe go at it from a different direction, or maybe simply get back to work.  Unfortunately, in reality, I sometimes just hide myself in a game, or I stay busy with other activities.
   How many of you out there KNOW your direction deep down inside, but things don't work out, so you give up?  Let's be like this little fellow and persevere!