Splash - ©Suzanne LeBeau 2018

Explosion - ©Suzanne LeBeau 2018

Unnamed - ©Suzanne LeBeau 2018

Murfreesboro Loves - part of metallic sculpture ©Suzanne LeBeau 2018
A Little Dissonance ©Suzanne LeBeau 2017

Birth of an Idea ©Suzanne LeBeau 2017

Impact ©Suzanne LeBeau 2017

Stream of Consciousness ©Suzanne LeBeau 2017

Study in Contrasts ©Suzanne LeBeau 2017
 Sandal shoes ;o)    ©Suzanne LeBeau
 Creek scene     ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Dolphin I (note - frame is fake)     ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Interconnected -Metallic acrylic with domed mirrors   ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Italian Villa    ©Suzanne LeBeau

 Lilies     ©Suzanne LeBeau

 The Journey - acrylic with metallic piping     ©Suzanne LeBeau

Union - made with raised acrylic "skins"    ©Suzanne LeBeau