Sunday, January 30, 2011

Travel time

    I guess in my struggles to prove to the world just who I am, I sometimes get caught up in the rush of it all.  Most of the time, I'm speeding through work, kids' functions, housework and all the miscellaneous "important" activities that seem to fill up my days.  So when I have some "restful" time, I tend to "piddle" my day away.  I totally understand the statement: "When you want something done, ask a busy person."  I tend to get more accomplished when I'm up to my ears in busyness.  However, the "piddling" really doesn't get anything done. (By the way, I wasn't sure if piddle was a real word.  It's something my mom used to say.  So I looked it up - sure enough, no matter how strange it sounds, it's official!  I think I'll type it again, just because it sounds so goofy!)  Anyway, back to the topic!  The "piddling" just keeps me busy, but doesn't have any visible end results.  It's sort of like t.v.  It keeps you from thinking about all the rough patches in life, but you get sucked in and pretty soon a whole day feels wasted.
    This weekend, I didn't get much done, but I had a chance to truly live!  I was able to hang out with friends and simply talk with them.  Also, the weather was one step beyond FABULOUS, so I went on two hikes.  There's something about the outdoors that helps you reconnect with your soul.  When I am outside, I am then reminded that I need to stop focusing on the end of the journey (who I am supposed to be or what I'm supposed to do) and simply enjoy the here-and-now.  Who knows, maybe I'll find direction through these blog postings.

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